The legend

The legend stretches back to the times of the philosopher Plato. He wrote of the island of Atlantis, a mythical place of rich, fertile lands and spectacular palaces, temples and artworks.
“Beyond the opening known as the Pillars of Hercules, there lay an island, and it was possible to cross from it to other islands, and from those islands to the land beyond…”
But what if these Pillars were actually even closer to the man who first wrote about this mythical island?
What if they were located somewhere nearer to the legend’s creator, marking the strait between Sicily and Tunisia, rather than right at the edge of the known world?
This would make the land beyond the Pillars of Hercules a real place, a real island with real people.
This island would be Sardinia.
We are the children of Atlantis – the descendants of Poseidon.
And it is the richness and plenitude of Atlantis that inspires our wines.
Our vines are grown surrounded by the beauty of the seas and the power of the wind, and they bear fruit that is truly fit for the God of the Sea’s descendants.
Atlantis – wines inspired by the sea and the wind